Lectures for General Audiences

24 February 2015 "" Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation Lecture, Munich, "The World According to Higgs"
3 June 2016 "" Yale University Class of 1966 Fiftieth Reunion, "Life in the Nanonanoworld: The Quest for the Higgs Boson"
27 January 2017 "" Fermilab Auditorium Lecture, Batavia, "Fermilab's Greatest Hits: Highlights from The First Fifty Years" video and slides

Lectures for Physicists

18 January 2016 "" Opening Lecture, Symposium on Future Coliders, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology> "Scientific Overview"
26 August 2016 "" Closing Lecture, Multi-Boson Interactions 2016, University of Wisconsin—Madison, "Impressions of MBI 2016"
30 August 2016 "" LHC Physics Center Topic of the Week, Fermilab,"Looking Ahead after ICHEP 2016"
15 September 2016 "" Theoretical Physics Seminar, Fermilab, "Report on CERN's Physics Beyond Colliders Workshop"
26 September 2016 "" A Commemoration—J. D. Jackson: Physicist, Teacher, Citizen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, "A Little Tour in Dave Jackson's Research"
5 October 2016 "" Joint Maryland–Johns Hopkins High-Energy Physics Seminar, University of Maryland, "Looking Ahead after ICHEP 2016"
24 October 2016 "" Erwin Schrödinger Colloquium, Universität Zürich, "What Quarkonium Taught Me about the Schrödinger Equation, and vice versa"
9 December 2016 "" Journées Pierre Fayet, École Normale Supérieure, Paris, "Neutrinos from the Great Beyond"
27 February 2017 "" CERN-EPFL-Korea Theory Institute: New Physics at the Intensity Frontier, "Project X Physics Study at Fermilab"
1 June 2017 "" Canadian Association of Physicists Annual Congress, Queen's University, "J. D. Jackson, Physicist, Teacher, Citizen"
1 June 2017 "" Canadian Association of Physicists Annual Congress, Queen's University, "Perspectives and Prospects for Particle Physics"
2 August 2017 "" American Physical Society Division of Particles and Fields Meeting, Fermilab, "Fermilab's Greatest Hits"
20 October 2017 "" Physikalisches Kolloquium, Universität Heidelberg, "TBA"