Fermilab Academic Lectures 2005 – 2006
Course 1

The Electroweak Theory and Higgs Physics · Six Lectures
Chris Quigg (Fermilab)
November 1 – 17, 2005

After a short essay on the current state of particle physics, I will review the antecedents of the modern picture of the weak and electromagnetic interactions and then undertake a brief survey of the SU(2)L⊗ U(1)Y electroweak theory. I will explore the features of electroweak phenomenology at tree level and beyond, present an introduction to the Higgs boson and the physics of the 1-TeV scale, and examine arguments for enlarging the electroweak theory. These lectures will be based on my TASI 2000 course on Electroweak Theory. We will touch on topics of current interest at the Tevatron and look ahead to experiments at the LHC.

Part 1 · Tuesday, November 1 ·  Video
Part 2 · Thursday, November 3 ·  Video
Part 3 · Tuesday, November 8  ·  Video
Part 4 · Thursday, November 10  ·  Video
Part 5 · Tuesday, November 15 ·  Video
Part 6 · Thursday, November 17 ·  Video