Links to Popular Media

20 August 2004           SLAC Interaction Point: Shawne Neeper and Davide Castelvecchi, "SSI Special Report: The Quigg Challenge."
8 March 2004           Scientific American: David Appell, "Dream Machine."
30 December 2003           New York Times: James Glanz, "Demolition Derby of Physics Jars Loose Clues on Subatomic Glue" and "Nuevas pistas sobre el pegamento subatómico" from El Pais.
August 2002           Popular Mechanics, "The New Atom Smashers."
30 April 2002 Amanda Onion,, "Super Collider Blues."
14 December 2001 Talk of the Nation / Science Friday with Ira Flatow: "The Goals of Physics." RealAudio stream.
September 2001 Physics Today: Bertram Schwarzschild, "Convocation at Snowmass Looks into the Future of US High-Energy Physics"
27 July 2001 FermiNews: Judy Jackson, "HEP's Future: Does it Add Up?"
23 July 2001 Dallas Morning News: Tom Siegfried, "Planners balance science, politics"
23 July 2001 Dallas Morning News: Tom Siegfried, "If they build it in Illinois, scientists will come"
10 July 2001 Aspen Times: Jennifer Davoren, "In Snowmass Village, physics field abuzz about potential discoveries"
July 2001 APS News: Richard M. Todaro and Jordan Raddick, "Snowmass Meeting Charts Course for High-Energy Physics"
23 February 2001 Science: Robert Irion, "High-energy physics. B-meson factories make a 'number from hell'"
19 January 2001 Chronicle of Higher Education: Richard Montastersky, "A Crash Heard Around the World"
19 December 2000 WBEZ Odyssey with Gretchen Helfrich, "Happy Birthday, Quantum Theory" (RealAudio)
5 December 2000 Los Angeles Times:K.C. Cole, “Balance Shifts in Race for Physics’ Grail”
November 2000 “The West Wing” Continuity Guide, “The Theory of Everything,”
3 November 2000 Los Angeles Times:K.C. Cole, “Scientists Think They've Glimpsed the ‘God Particle’”
2 November 2000 BBC's The World: Technology Report with Rebecca Roberts, “Exploring the Higgs boson,” (RealAudio)
6 September 2000 New York Times:James Glanz, “Swiss Physicists Face Decision in Race for Atomic Particle”
1 February 2000 New York Times:James Glanz, “Theory, Reality and Skeptical Tourists in Physics Land”
December 1999 Physics World: “Physics: past, present, future”
13 October 1999 New York Times:Malcolm W. Browne, “Nobels for Fast Camera and Tying 2 Forces of Nature”
July 1999 CNN & Time: Jeff Greenfield's Portrait of Brian Greene
May-June 1999 The Sciences:(New York Academy of Sciences) Meher Antia, Quanta: “Shattered Mirror: new light on the asymmetry that pervades the universe”
April 1999 Energy Science News:James Weber, “Asymmetric Dancing Partners”
6 April 1999 Seattle Times:Earl Lane, “Psyched Up by Physics”
5 March 1999 Science 283: 1428 (1999), James Glanz, “PARTICLE PHYSICS: Surprising Asymmetry Seen in Kaon Decays” (Requires subscription)
22 December 1998 New York Times:Malcolm W. Browne, “Where Does the Time Go? Forward, Physics Shows”
7 April 1998 “Life at the ‘Top’ in Particle Physics,” press release from IOP Particle Physics '98, Manchester
9 December 1997 Comments on the US-CERN agreement on the Large Hadron Collider, from NPR's Morning Edition (RealAudio)
July 1997 Atlantic Monthly:Dick Teresi, “Zero”