Fermilab Academic Lectures 2005 – 2006
Course 2

Tests of the Electroweak Theory · Six Lectures
Paul Langacker (Fermilab Frontier Fellow; Penn)
November 29 – December 15, 2005

This set of lectures will further develop the electroweak theory, emphasizing the precision tests that have established the standard model and the framework of renormalizable gauge theory, determined its parameters, and constrained the possibilities for new physics at the TeV scale. Included will be discussions of the weak charged and neutral currents; Z-pole physics; properties of the W and Z; CP violation and the CKM matrix; rare B, K, and lepton decays; gauge self-interactions; and neutrino mass and mixing. An introduction to radiative corrections and electroweak renormalization schemes will be included.

Part 1 · Tuesday, November 29 · Video
Part 2 · Thursday, December 1 · Video
Part 3 · Tuesday, December 6 · Video
Part 4 · Thursday, December 8 · Video
Part 5 · Tuesday, December 13 · Video
Part 6 · Thursday, December 15 · Video

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